Jaldapara Tour

Magnificent view of nature – The Best Jaldapara Tour

The main entrance of the Jaldapara Sanctuary is located on the national highway Madarihat. Hollong Banglow is situated at 7 KM deep into the forest from Madarihat (Entry Point). You can enjoy elephant ride here in the morning from 6AM – 9AM. Start Jaldapara Tour with Jangle Safari. There are also arrangements for car safari in the jangle. Gipsy car rental can be found in Madarihat. Minimum 5 cars are owned by some private agency. You can easily arrange one safari car from them. Afternoon is the best time for jangle safari.

Forest gate or Jaldapara Entry point is a short distance from Madarihat Tourist Lodge. At this entry point you have to pay entry fee, guide fee and camera charge for Jaldapara Tour. After that, the path to the jungle will begin. Enjoy the amazing view of tall trees and forest of the elephant grass. Somewhere can find Rhino, Elephant and thousand type of birds.

Magnificent Jaldapara Tour

From the Hollong banglow to Jaldapara watch tower is about 7KM. From here you can see a magnificent view of nature. Peacock, Hog Deer, Indian Bison and various types of beautiful birds are seeing from here. Jaldapara sanctuary is situated on the flood plains of the Torsha River. This is one of the biggest and oldest wildlife sanctuaries in India, spread over 216.15 square KM. The famous unicorn rhinoceros, wild elephant, leopards, Indian bison, Cheetahs, sambar deer, Hog deer, barking deer and also tigers live here in this forest. Jaldapara area is greater than Gorumara. All tourists can also get pleasure of seeing rhinoceros from elephant ride.

How to book safari in Jaldapara

For those tourists staying at the private hotels in madarihat, the hotel authority make this arrangement. You can also book safari car by talking to the owner or driverof the car in Madarihat bazaar. For elephant rider booking, call assistant wildlife warden directly at Holong. However, if the number of safari cars or elephants on the ride is not enough, it can be dificalt toget booking. If you arrive at Holong without booking, the ride may not qualify.

Apart from Madarihat tourist lodge, you can also book Hollong banglow from West Bengal tourism development corporation office. Spot bookings are also available if empty. However, the demand is too high. It will be better to book before one or two months of journey date. Or you can find many private hotels, Resorts, Lodge in Madarihat. Book Jaldapara Tour Here. 

Chilapata Tour

With the permission from the Assistant Wildlife Warden’s office, which is next to the tourist lodge in Madarihat and accompanied by a guide, you can go Chilapata. The chilapata forest also belongs to the Jaldapara Sanctuary. The distance from Jaldapara is about 22KM.

The Chilapata forest situated just about 20 kilometers away from the town of Aliporeduar, and forms an elephant corridor between Jaldapara National Park and Buxa tiger reserve. The river Torsha divides Chilapata forest from Jaldapara National Park and plays a significant role for the thriving flora and fauna in and around the forest. 

Jaldapara - Chilapata

The Malangi Tourist lodged run by the West Bengal forest Development Corporation Limited is only six kilometers away from the nearest railway station Hashimara and at a shouting distance from the seafaring point of the forest. Jeep and elephants safaris can be arranged from the lodge itself. Moreover sighting wild animals from the lodge is not unheard of. The Chilapata range is much denser than a nearby Joldapara forest and reach in wildlife. Earlier it was a home for a substantial number of rhinos but due to its Marcela’s hunting and poaching sighting a rhino is a rarity.

As of November 2019 teen the jeep safari in Chilapata forest comes for 2500 Rupees and one Jeep can accommodate five individuals. The safari goes on for little more than two hours and offers a breathtaking experience.