Daringbadi Tour

The Kashmir for Odisha – Daringbadi Tour

Kashmir of Orissa this beautiful hill station is located in Kandhamal district of Odisha. Due to proper climatic similarity and high-altitude location simply justifies the name Kashmir for Odisha. On a winter day you can equipped with warm clothes to enjoy and share the beauty of nature 3,000 feet above the sea level. You have to cover 251 kilometers from Bhubaneswar to reach the destination. It is rigorous six hours journey in a car. Also it’s very enjoyable the serpentine Road among still forest gives a feeling of roller coaster ride. It is quite amazing.

After reach Kandhamal district you will closer to Daringbadi and adventures feeling fills heart. And this Daringbadi Tour will started. Flying on the twisted roads emits high rise pine forest will definitely make you experience Kashmir Valley. Air started becomes chilled. If you want campfire are also available here. The best and beautiful part of the Daringbadi could be the sunrise. Finally I’d like to advise never miss the sunrise in Daringbari. Popping out of Sun from back of the hill is heavenly.

Daringbadi Tour Planning

Few people are know, that coffee also grown in some part of Odisha. Yes my friends it’s true. Enjoy the coffee garden the aroma is filled with the true smell of coffee beans all around. Cute animals like rabbits are also present in the garden. Even in low-budget tourists can plan to spend holidays in Daringbadi, and experience the environment of Kashmir we occupied three rooms in a guest house for rupees 2000. Only even if you’re alone don’t miss to visit lovers point you will be delighted the place is surrounded by Hills River. Sunset in Daringbadi is equally good to experience as the sunrise.

Scenic beauty of Daringbari

Daringbari is named after a British officer Daring, is posted here long before our independence. I’m sure he must have looked for the perfect hill station over the state. Vertically growing tall evergreen pine trees gives an immense impression as if they are competing with each other to just touch the sky. The combination of green trees and concrete pitch road is tremendously beautiful. Scenic beauty of Daringbari it’s to its fullest form the hilltop Park. Beautifully designed infrastructures and the combination of greeneries make its amusing. Come, quiet and beautiful place could never find in the middle of forest.

Also there are some tribal population of this area are far from civilization and carefully preserved the tradition. Mast visits the biggest attraction, Midubanda waterfall which is just 12 kilometers away from the center of the small town. You don’t even attempt to go for dip water is very cold over here. The bright Sun first get tired turning orange and then hides himself behind the hills leaving you in silent darkness of peace. You can touch all the spots in a day but Daringbadi will definitely leave a deep impression in your heart and revitalize your mind.

Daringbadi Tour - How to Reach

By bus via Bhubaneswar

First of all, You can take bus from Bhubaneswar The capital of Odisha. From here Daringbadi is about 250 KM. Or book a Taxi.  

By bus via Berhampur Railway Station

Or take taxi from Berhampur Station. From here Daringbadi is about 115 KM. Public bus is also available.